How to do Youtube SEO 2018

How to do Youtube SEO 2018 | 7  Useful YouTube Seo Tips

How to do Youtube SEO?
Youtube SEO is an imporant aspect as Video marketing is becoming an essential factor in Digital Marketing. People usually like and are interested in watching videos.

Videos could also help you to sell more products or services. In actual fact, a study done by Cisco anticipated that by 2020, video will take over 80 percent of all consumer internet traffic.

How to do Youtube Seo


As video consumption keeps on increasing, subsequently so does video’s impact on consumer purchases.

As per a latest research done by Brightcove:

Nearly half (46 percent) of viewers said that they’ve actually bought a product as a result of watching a branded video on social media, and  about a third (32 percent) conveyed that they’ve considered to purchase a product as a result of viewing a video.

81 percent of customers said they presently interact with brands on social media, plus 43 percent say they’ve done so by watching branded social videos.

When questioned for their favorite kind of branded content on social networks, many of them picked video as the most popular answer, through 31 percent of respondents selecting it as their number one choice.

According to their market share, YouTube is considered to be the second most well-known and popular social media platform. It is also observed that most YouTuber’s are die-hard YouTube viewers. They are regularly watching videos, looking for videos about everything.

How to do youtube SEO?

Below are some proven tips listed which will help you to understand how to do youtube SEO and rank your videos higher in search engines as well as help you to gain exposure to your business.

How to do youtube seo

  1. Title of the video (Use keywords here)

Video title is the name for your video through which one can understand what your video is about.

Keeping title which perfectly matches with your video content will be very useful to viewer and also to the YouTube algorithm for seo purpose.

Mention a suitable title for your video. You can use these two ways through which you can get seo optimized title for video

A) – Take benefit of search engine auto complete feature, if you have a video which is very common and searched and viewed by large number of audience on Google like any tutorials , then you can utilize auto complete feature of Google

B) – If the content of your video is regarding something which you think people can search it on YouTube such as music video or live tutorials then you can utilize the YouTube auto complete feature .


  1. Write Meaningful Video Descriptions

YouTube and Google are not able to watch or listen to your video. This implies that they completely depend on the text included in the video to understand what your video is about.

Learning how to do youtube SEO is fairly an easy task.

The more knowledge YouTube has about your video, the more positively it can rank it for your desired keyword.

Also note that YouTube makes use of keywords in the description in order to rank you for super-long tail keywords.

  1. Name your Video File Before Uploading with Proper Keyword.

When doing youtube seo, name your video file before uploading.

Your video title helps search engine to effortlessly index your video which in turn also helps it to get higher ranking.

Therefore place your desired keyword as video file name.

  1. Use closed caption (CC) feature in your video

When you make use of the closed caption feature of YouTube, it will display your text over the video.

It benefits viewers to understand your video narration plus can also be interpreted into several different languages, upload transcript of video, in fact transcript comprise the text of what was said into video.

YouTube’s new algorithm automatically translate your voice into transcript that makes it simpler to activate it or you could also compose closed caption if your video doesn’t have any voice.

  1. Use Video Keywords

Ranking your video in YouTube is good for youtube seo, but also ranking your video in both Google and YouTube is even much better.

Even though Google provides YouTube videos an essential advantage in the SERPs, but that’s only accurate for certain keywords only.

These keywords are termed “Video Keywords” since they tend to have video results on the first page of Google.

Before selecting on a keyword for your video, also make sure to see if there exist any video results on the first page for your keyword.

If it is displayed on the first page, then that’s a keyword you should strongly take into consideration.

Because there is a huge possibility to get your video ranked in Google as well as YouTube.

  1. Get Many Video Views from Online Communities

Quora and LinkedIn groups are examples of Online Communities which are fantastic places to acquire traffic from.

In general, almost many communities don’t like people just dropping links to their content all over the place.

But they’re typically acceptable to people who share YouTube videos which will be very helpful for them. As the number and quality of your video views is among one of the most significant YouTube ranking factors, receiving views from targeted communities works miracles.

  1. Create Keyword-Rich Playlists

Great ways to get more YouTube search traffic towards your videos is by organizing your videos into playlists.

A keyword-rich playlist provides in-depth information to YouTube regarding your video’s topic. And as we learned above that with your description, more text-based content equals more views.

In conclusion, it depends on you to create compelling and attention-grabbing YouTube videos. Make sure that you ask your audiences to like and share your videos on their most preferred social-networking sites.

Hope by now it is clear how to do youtube SEO to rank your videos higher in SERPs.

Tip for bloggers is that, insert your videos within blog post, as it will benefit you to get more views.

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