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Learn “What is Chakravyuh” & “What is Digital Chakravyuh”. Know “How to Create a Digital Chakravyuh”. Take stock of your Digital Assets & leverage them.

This article is second one on Mahabharata from us. Please read the earlier article to understand the context. Business is often compared to war & Mahabharata being the greatest epic ever told on war, I am using this as an analogy to describe this in Today’s Digital Age.

What is a Chakravyuh?

Chakravyuh is a combination of the words “Chakra” & “Vyuh”. Chakra mean spinning wheel & Vyuh means formation.

What is Chakravyuh

Thus, Chakravyuh means the puzzled arrangement of soldiers that keeps moving in the form of a spinning wheel. Rotation of soldiers is very similar to helix of a screw commonly seen in watches. The Chakravyuha, is a multi-tier defensive formation that looks like a disc (chakra) when viewed from above.

On the 13th Day of Mahabharata War, the then Commander-in-Chief of Kauravas deployed Chakravyuh with an objective to capture the King of Pandavas Yudhisthir alive.  We all know how Arjuna was distracted into some other challenge & Abhimanyu entered the Chakravyuh & fought valiantly.

Chakravyuha not only rotates but also revolves in its orbit to destroy everything that comes in his path thus making it a very offensive and destructive force. Chakravyuh formation is similar to a typhoon that moves across the battlefield to destroy everything that it encounters. So, the opposition cannot just sit back and needs to quickly devise a strategy to stop the advancement of Chakravyuh.

What is a Digital Chakravyuh?

What is Digital Chakravyuh

In this Digital Age, where it is becoming very difficult to attract & retain customers, Digital Chakravyuh can be used as an important strategy to outsmart your competitors.

Usually, there were seven layers, level 7 being the innermost layer consisting of strongest soldiers. Soldiers of the inner level were technically and physically stronger than the soldiers of the immediate outer level. Infantry formed the outer layers of Chakravyuh and the inner layers were formed by armored chariots and elephant cavalry. At the center of Chakravyuh, are the best of warriors awaiting to kill the invading warrior. Weak and strong warriors are strategically placed in each of the layers, either to inflict the maximum damage to the opposing warriors or to defend the attacks from skilled warriors of the enemy.

Applying similar 7 layer formation as a part of creating our very own Chakravyuh.

How do I create a Digital Chakravyuh?

Before creating a Chakravyuh, you need to take stock of all your Digital Assets (you may want to know more about them do read our earlier blog on them) & resources.  Also note all the things which you can leverage to your advantage – your website , SEO, Facebook followers, Youtube Subscribers, Instagram Followers etc. among others.

How to create a Digital Chakravyuh

Let us consider a classic B2B player & try to create a Chakravyuh for them.

The Digital Assets they have are the Website & its strong SEO, Facebook Business Page & its Followers likes, Twitter & Instagram Followers too, YouTube Videos & Subscribers, Google Places Listing (very critical & we have written 3 blogs on them. Read them here) & the reviews. Let’s consider they are also doing some PPC ads to generate leads. Assume some influencer marketing is also being done.

Then the Digital Chakravyuh for them shall be as follows –

1st Layer & innermost layer – Website & it’s SEO

2nd Layer – Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Accounts

3rd layer – Google Business Listing & Reviews

4th Layer – Followers of Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn & Instagram.

5th Layer – YouTube Videos & Subscribers

6th Layer – Influencers & their recommendations.

7th Layer – PPC Ads.

Thus you can create a Chakravyuh as part of your Digital marketing Strategy taking stock of the Digital Assets & Resources at your perusal.

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