What is SEO Audit? How to Perform SEO Audit?

Discover what is SEO Audit & How to perform SEO Audit. Learn 3 Steps of SEO Audit namely On-Page Audit, Off-Page Audit & Social Media Audit in this article.

What is SEO Audit?

what is seo audit

“What is SEO Audit” & “How to perform SEO Audit” are two of the most asked questions to me. Let us first understand what is SEO Audit? Like a CA audits your financial accounts & assets every quarter or every year, in Digital world we audit your Digital Assets majorly your website & social media assets. We look at all major factors in your website to your off-page activity & the social media accounts that you have.

Let us now look at How to perform SEO Audit.

How to perform SEO Audit?

We should do SEO Audit every Quarter or probably every month to track all the developments done in the period. We can do this activity in simple steps.


3 Steps for SEO Audit  

SEO Audit consists mostly of these 3 major steps –



  1. On-Page Audit
  2. Off-Page Audit
  3. Social Media Audit

Let’s look at how do we perform audit of each of them.

How to perform On-page Audit?

This is in my opinion most basic & most vital of all. Your website is the most critical digital asset that you have as it is the one you have maximum control over. Social media firms or search engines change their algorithms & your website is one which you have direct control.


Most important steps in your On-page Page Audit are as follows-

1. Metatags

Your metatags include your title & description tags on each page of your website. We should optimize them as search engine crawlers are going to consider your page for them.

2. Alt attributes

Images that we have on our website pages should be rightly given an alt attribute so that search engine crawler can consider & show them in image searches.

3. Sitemap

This is very important & also most ignored. People write blogs& create new pages but they do not update their sitemaps. XML sitemaps are the one that the search engine crawler checks.

4. Header tags

The heading on each page should be using H1 tag & all other headings should be h2 to h6 tags.

5. Google Analytics

Google analytics code should be put on each page header so as to track all the visitors to our site & their movements

6. Mobile optimization

More than half of the net surfers are surfing through mobile & hence having a mobile responsive site is a must now. We should try to optimize the load speed & do image compressions.

How to perform Off-Page Audit?



We should note the number of directory submissions done with details like link used, pr etc.

2. Classifieds

One should always keep track of classified submissions done too with details like link used, pr etc.

3. Social Bookmarking

There are many social bookmarking sites other than the widely known social media ones. One should keep track of all submissions done.

4. Blogs

All blog articles should be optimized for metatags, images & header tags. Also check whether the sitemap has been updated with the latest. We should keep track of all the sites were we have submitted the blog article too.

5. Articles

Articles submission needs to be tracked too.

6. Forum

Quora like forums are critical & we should keep track of all the answers we have written as well as the links we have posted. Over doing may get the account blocked.

How to perform Social Media Audit ?

Social media is a vital cog in your Digital Assets portfolio. This is where you can engage with your prospects & customers & show case your products too. Taking note of the social media assets is the primary objective of the social media audit.


There are 5 major social media assets we should consider for audit-

1. Facebook

By far the largest of all social media assets. You should measure the no. of likes, followers, comments, engagements you have done. You should keep track of the growth rate in them too.

2. Twitter

Twitter is your Digital PR & everything spreads here very fast. You should measure the no. of followers, retweets, mentions, replies you have done. You should keep track of the growth rate in them too.

3. LinkedIn

For b2b business this is very significant. You should measure the no. of connections, followers on your company page & also comments, engagements you have done. You should keep track of the growth rate in each of them too.

4. Google plus

Maximum people surf using mobile & also on desktop they tend to click on Google place listings & hence we would give it the due importance it deserves. One should measure the no. of views, reviews, asked for directions & also comments, engagements we have done. We should keep track of the growth rate too.

5. Instagram

Mobile users find the visual impact & simplicity of Instagram attractive. Instagram is a big hit among young generation too. You should measure the no. of likes, followers, comments, engagements you have done. One should also keep track of the growth rate.

Do consider SEO Audit as health checkup much like you do for diabetes, cholesterol etc.. Be regular & consistent to get results.

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