How to do Classified Submission for SEO | Benefits of Classified Submission

How to do Classified Submission for SEO

How to do Classified Submission for SEO properly might be a question that many people have.Classified Submission is impressively useful for backlink building as well as SEO.

As Classifieds sites have a decent ranking, therefore the backlinks created are of high quality and sufficient to increase your website’s traffic.

There are several classified sites in India as well as outside India. This escalates the image of your website and has extra benefits too.

How to do Classified Submission in SEO

How to do Classified Submission in SEO

What is Classified Submission in SEO?

Classified Submission is a procedure where you are making the world aware about your business and services. It contains off page SEO process business awareness and website promotion locally & nationally.

Through this method, several buyers and business persons arrive at your website by clicking that link. There are numerous advantages one can acquire from classified submission.

When you yourself will perform Classified Submissions , you will discover your business and services listed on their platform.

Classifieds Ads Components

A Classified ad consists of mainly three parts:

  1. Title:

    You are supposed to give an attractive and compelling title for your classified ad over here and make use of relevant keyword .This will prove a huge benefit in terms of SEO.

  2. Details:

    This is the place where you are supposed to give details about your product and services. This is another place to place your keyword carefully. You can also list special offers over here to rope in more customers like Offer ends soon, 50% off for first 10 customers etc.

  3. Contact Details:

    List your correct contact details so that potential clients can contact you easily.

How a Classified Ad does helps with SEO?

There are numerous benefits of knowing how to do Classified Submission for SEO . Check out some benefits below :

  1. Increases Traffic

You can enormously increase your traffic by placing your blog’s or website address in the form of classified SEO ads.

Few classified submission sites have the option of placing your url for the services you offer,so its a really great benefit.

Hence, if someone gets interested about your products or services while surfing online classified ads can land on your sites.

  1. Benefits Marketing Strategy

A classified website permits you to add the link of your website in the description box. Therefore, users can get in touch with you easily.

  1. Easy to use

Classified SEO ads are generally mobile as well as search friendly. Hence,they are simpler to navigate and provide your users what they are searching for.

  1. Available freely

 There are numerous classified posting sites which lets you post your classified ad free of cost.So this is another great benefit.

  1. Can be created quickly

A classified ad is created in just a few minutes.

Classified Submission Sites List

Below i am listing some Classified Submission sites which are very great.

So don’t wait and get started immediately to create your classifieds today.

How to do Classified Submission for SEO

Classified Submission Steps

Classified Submission Steps

Let’s understand the steps on how to do Classified Submission for SEO with the help of an example :

  1. Search for Classified Submission sites with high PA and DA. For example :
  2. Some sites will ask you to register .So register and fill up the details.
  3. After you sign up click on post ad

    How to do Classified Submission for SEO

    Select Classified site with high PA and DA

  4. Next you will be asked to choose category and sub category. So choose the appropriate category for y our business. I am selecting services and Advertising-Design-Printing

    select relevant category,subcategory

    Select relevant category,subcategory

  5. On the next step select Free or Paid Classified Listing. I am selecting Free Listing for now
select free or paid lisiting

Select free or paid Classified lisiting

  1. Then add Title, description, image (you can use your company logo) and contact details and link for you product and services. Give correct details.
    fill up classified details

    Fill up classified details

    fill up classified contact details

    Give correct classified contact details

  2. Next click on the submit button. If asked to verify ad then verify it through Gmail. Your Classified Submission Process is complete over here.
classifed created

Classifed Creation Successful.

So finally your classified ad appears like this to other people.

classified example

Classided Ad created with SEO purpose


So to wrap up, one of the easiest techniques to grow your online exposure is by starting to perform classified SEO ads.

Not only you can endorse your business or blogs online but also you can do it FREE of cost. It is also possible to make others purchase your products or services by means of classified ads.

Classified ads can definitely improve your overall SEO and give you a head start above your competitors. But ensure you are not performing it overly or else you might get penalized by Google newest algorithms.

So, at Numero Uno we can help you to create high authority backlinks to your website with the help of Classified Submission.

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