How to Build Mobile App Assets| 9 Steps to Build Mobile Assets

Learn to Build Mobile App Assets and understand What Mobile App Assets exactly are. 9 Steps to Build Mobile App Assets to help attract downloads & retain engagement with the existing users.

How to Build Mobile App Assets

To understand how to build Mobile App Assets, let us first try to understand what are Digital Assets, Social Media Assets & what are Mobile Assets in particular.

In our previous blog on “How to Build Website Assets”, we had mentioned that all our websites, email ids, blogs, subscribers, social accounts, followers, apps, downloads etc. are digital assets.

In our other blog, “What are Social Media Assets”, we had described the types of social media assets namely for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Instagram & YouTube.

We had also seen “How to Create Social Media Assets” & 8 simple steps to build long lasting Social Media Assets.

What are Mobile App Assets?

What are mobile app assets

Today smartphones have become part of our lives & in fact they are now considered an extension of a persona. Many people are spending more time on smartphones than with their loved ones. Android & IOS are the most widely used Mobile Operating Systems in the world. Apps are central to these platforms.

According to ThinkwithGoogle, “35 is the average no. of apps installed on each smartphone”.

This is a huge number & imagine your app competes with so many other app with competing or overlapping features.

You will have to differentiate & strategize to Build Mobile Assets.

Types of Mobile App Assets

  • Downloads

    This is by far the single most important metrics you should focus on. The more the number of downloads higher is your asset value.

  • Rating & Reviews

    The ratings & reviews that you see on your Google Play store & Apple ITunes are another critical metric that you should pay attention. Most prospective users do read the reviews before downloading an app

  • Subscribers

    Free & paid subscribers is also your key Mobile App Asset.

9 Steps to Build Mobile App Assets

build mobile app assets


  1. Information on Play store & iTunes

    The screen shots, description should be rightly displayed to highlight the key features & usages of your app. Many prospects decide to download depending on this information.

  2. Paid Ads

    You can run Ads to attract users to download Apps.

  3. Social Media

    Build a social network where you can engage & entice more users to download the app. Key features & USP should be regularly highlighted to get more downloads.

  4. Freebies

    Enticing prospects with freebies & vouchers has worked in favor of many Apps. It can increase your downloads but it also considerably increase your customer acquisition cost.
    Example: Rs 500 off on your 1st hotel booking, Cash back of Rs 100 on 1st 3 transactions etc.

  5. User Experience

    This one of the key reasons users like to use the app. Make it as user friendly as possible. Understand your customers preferences & usability rightly & optimize your design.

  6. Entice for Subscription

    Freebies & exclusives have always worked to get more subscribers. Make sure they don’t burn a large hole in your pocket though.
    Example: 3 months subscriptions free on sign up, Enjoy free 1 month trial etc., Prime Subscriber offers from Amazon.

  7. Engage

    Engage your users effectively to increase stickiness, retention rate, your MAU (Monthly Active Users) & your DAU (Daily Active Users)
    Example: Use Ola before this Friday to get Rs 50 off for next 3 rides.

  8. Share icons

    Social media (include WhatsApp) share buttons should be there so that users can share the information with their friends.

  9. Non-Intrusive Ads

    This is the single largest reason for people to uninstall an app. Your ads have to be banner or text ads & not intrusive to block his screen completely & force him/ her to act.

Robert Kiyosaki has said “Rich do not work for Money. They work for Assets”.  This is one of my best quotes & I strongly believe in it & also would recommend others to have a long term view & Build Mobile App Assets.

Hope this article has been informative.

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