How to Get in Featured Snippets| Steps to Optimize for Featured Snippets

Learn How to Get in Featured Snippets in this article.Learn what are featured snippets & its advantages, 5 Steps to Optimize Content for Featured Snippets & How to Compete with Current Featured Snippets Holders.

How to Get in Featured Snippets on Google

Want to rank above the search results with more prominence? Featured Snippet is the answer you are looking for. It is a SEO persons dream to rank in featured snippets. It gives more visibility, more clicks & higher conversion too.

How to Get in Featured Snippets


Here’s a look at one of our blogs ranked in featured snippet & I was asked by many on “How to get in Featured Snippets on Google”.


We shall look at some tips on how to rank on featured snippets but before that let’s learn what featured snippets are.

What are featured snippets?

Google algorithms search features and Search Engine Rank Page (in short SERPs) are always changing and quickly.

One such accelerated change in Google search is featured snippets.

Since 2015, there has been clear stress from Google to deliver featured snippet results for more queries.

This enhanced visibility also comes with another benefit: higher organic click-through rates.

  • Featured snippets are also known as answer boxes.
  • Featured snippets are often referred to as Position 0, because snippets appear above the first organic search result.
  • Voice search and featured snippets are closely linked; invariably, voice searches fetch answers from featured snippet boxes.
  • Posts already featuring on Page 1 of Google SERPs are the likeliest to get a place in an answer box

Advantages of Featured Snippets

Great advantages of acquiring a Featured Snippet :


The advantages of a featured snippet are obvious:

  1. More clicks due more prominence you get in
  2. More visibility and
  3. Higher conversion rate. It’s an SEO’s dream!

What are the terms likely to appear in Featured Snippets?


Usually, that means that those search terms will include one of the following phrases:

  • How to
  • What is
  • How do
  • How does
  • Why do
  • Why does
  • What did

These are just starting points. If you can think of a way to phrase a search term, then you can add it to your list.

How to Find Featured Snippet Opportunities

Featured Snippets are also called as “Answer Boxes”.

  • Firstly decide the topic of the article you writing.
  • Find a search term around the topic where there is no one appearing for featured snippet.
  • Even if someone is appearing for search query, find gaps in the article & try to better it.

Steps to Optimize for Featured Snippets

  1. Answer a question
  2. Use Point Format
  3. Keep Question Answer Format
  4. Use Infographics, charts & tables
  5. Metatag & Header tags formatting


Let’s look at each of them in detail.

  • Answer a question

    Featured Snippets are also known as Answer boxes as Google wanted to give better & more detailed answers to search queries.

  • Use Point Format

    This helps users to understand better & hence Google too would consider it.

  • Keep Question Answer Format

    As featured snippets is all about questions & answers stick to this format. Try to answer related questions as well to increase your chances.

  • Use Infographics, charts & tables

    These are easy for users. You can drive a point better with images, charts & tables.

  • Metatag & Header tags formatting

    This is again very important, like in any other article to get higher ranking in Google search.

These steps are guiding ones & not a sure shot method. If you follow the steps in all your articles, few of the articles will surely appear even on featured snippets.

How to Compete With Current Featured Snippets Holders

Here are some great tips to compete with your current featured snippet holders :


  • Identify the question you want to answer – Identify the question your article is going to answer. Give all possible information in a simple language. Consider a novice will be reading it.
  • Analyze the link appearing in the featured snippet – Find the gaps in the article in featured snippet. May be you can improve upon the language, design, points, images etc.
  • Fill the gaps & answer better – Featured snippet is all about how you better answer a query. Fill the gaps analyzed above to better answer the question. Consider a novice will be reading it & write in a very simple language.

Hope you have liked the article and have got fair idea on “How to get in Featured Snippets on Google”.

Now that you also know the “Steps to Optimize for Featured Snippets” & also “How to Compete with Current Featured Snippets”, you will write more articles & rank on featured snippets too.

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