How to Build Website Assets

How to Build Website Assets

To understand how to Build Website Assets, lets first try to understand what are Digital Assets & what are Website Assets in particular.

What are Digital Assets?


Digital Assets are all assets we own in the digital world. As in physical world, assets mean all our properties, jewellery, shares, fixed deposits, mutual funds, machinery etc.

Similarly in Digital world, all our websites, email ids, blogs, subscribers, social accounts, followers, apps, download etc. are digital assets.

Types of Digital Assets

Let’s try to categorize them under the following main categories-

  1. Website Assets,

  2. Social media Assets,

  3. App assets &

  4. Other assets

What are Website Assets

These are the most important digital assets as we literally own them. Domain, website content, email ids, blog articles, newsletter subscribers etc.. Let’s look at each of them more closely.

  • Domain :

Domain of your websites are the url addresses of websites & are very important as finally on visiting card, brochures, emails, social accounts etc. only domain url is shared.

For example our website is the domain url of our site. Website  templates, inner url structure, look & feel, design may be changed often but the domain url should not be changed.

  • Site Content :

All the content on your website, text, images, videos, are again digital assets. Therefore they are recognized by Google & other search engines.

Some part of your search ranking is due to the content. Hence site content is an important asset.

Also website is the first impression that you give to your prospective customers, vendors & other visitors. Having good website content is thus imperative.

  • Email ids :

To many customers & prospects we have never met & they know us through mails only.

So your mail id is your identity for them.

Often we search for our interaction with a particular person by searching his email address in Gmail or outlook or any other mail client or account that we use.

People often search contact details like your phone number, address by trying to search using email ids in search.

  • Blog articles :

Articles we put on blog are important or useful information regarding our business or related to it. Many a times they become viral & are shared often on social media.

Thus they have some value & often show higher in search results. So ,comments & social media likes & shares further increase their value.

  • Newsletter Subscribers :

They are visitors who subscribe to our blog articles & also read & share them often on their social media.

How to build Website Assets

Now having identified the website assets, lets understand how to build website assets & increase their value.

We can use the following strategy for building website Assets

how to Build Website Assets

  1. Website domain :

    As I have mentioned website domain should be kept constant even though website & its content can be changed

  2. Site Content :

    Site content can be optimized & also more relevant content with recent pics, videos events etc. need to be added.

  3. Meta tags :

    Meta tags of the site pages also need special attention but also should be changed only when absolutely essential.

  4. Urls :

    Old inner urls of site need not be changed as they have some value in search results & also they are shared often on social media. Even if the urls are changed then, old ones need to redirected to new urls properly to get the value old one holds.

  5. Email ids :

    Important email ids Like those of Founder, Directors & generic ones like info, admin, support etc. need to be continued as some people know them only as the company’s representative. Even if they are changed, emails from old ids should be forward to new ones

  6. Blog articles :

    Blog articles like site content are critical for & need to be valued rightly. They can be optimized further but again urls need to be preserved.

  7. Newsletter subscribers :

    Subscribers need to be considered as our customer & or brand ambassadors. They should be rightly cherished & sometimes pampered with freebies.Create fresh and relevant content regularly.

  8. Social Media Sharing :

    Sharing the website urls & the blog articles on social media increase their visbility & reach. Social media share & likes further increase their asset value.

  9. Social Media Linking:

    Having links from social accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google plus, Google business listings etc. help to increase value of website assets.

We at Numero Uno always strive to and for our customers to Build Digital Assets & also increase their values.

Also we analyze their competitors, target audience & geography to have a customize strategy for building Digital Assets.

So, in next articles we will look at the other Digital assets namely the social media assets, App assets & other Assets.

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