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Wiki Optimization Services

Wikipedia is free to post/edit article encyclopedia which is widely popular across the globe and hold high credibility by search engines. It is always observed on search on google, yahoo & bing with company name Wikipedia results appear in Top 20 results.

The content on wikipedia is editable by anybody therefore search engines give importance to such content which is authorized by users. Also the content presents a unbiased view of the topic under consideration.

Wikipedia resources hence provide an immense boost in the theme of the content.

Backlinks from wikipedia content is plus factor along with the building the idea of the website.

Every new company must create a separate article describing their purpose of creation of the business entity with a neutral standpoint without any call to action or selling proposition directly on the article.

This neutral article would be approved and viewed by thousands of viewers which attract as link baiting for the article. Also other wiki articles can add references to this article. This would increase the page rank as well subject of the website.

Wikipedia along with wiki news is frequently cached by Google and other search engines due to which there are superior chances of your content to appear in

Numero Uno has established standards on Wikipedia submissions for accurate and timely information.

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