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Keyword Research Analysis

Keyword research is a key part of search engine optimization. At Numero Uno, we provide keyword research and analysis to find the best performing keywords- phrases for your website. Our keyword research involves finding the most relevant and or popular terms (phrases & keywords) that best describe your main pages.

Without keyword research it is very difficult to achieve specifically targeted search engine traffic to your website. Your site may have been built around a set of low-performing or irrelevant keywords, which means your traffic is also underperforming. It is important to have a clear focus on who the audience is & what they search by. Your audience could be product or industry specific, but it also could be region (country, city etc.) specific as well.

If you are an cardiologist, practicing in a particular town, then most likely your targeted audience would be city-wide and not nation-wide. Optimizing for a nation wide audience would only bring in irrelevant traffic with a very low conversion rate. The main focus of keyword research involves four items:

  1. Keyword Popularity:-

    Most website owners will come up with a list of common sense keywords for their businesses, which by all logic should produce excellent results. After thorough analysis has been performed it may become evident that a slight variation of these keywords/phrases is what most people are looking for or that there are some other high performance common sense keywords/phrases that not considered enough.
    Keyword popularity is generally measured by how many times a month a search is performed on several search engines for a particular keyword or phrase. It is important to know the potential traffic for the keywords/phrases before optimizing the website. High performance keywords generally bring in high amounts of traffic. There also may be more competition for these popular keywords since many of your competitors will want to get a slice of this traffic.
  2. Keyword Competition

    Numero Uno's keyword analysis also involves researching the competition for each keyword in order to determine what particularly should to be done to achieve top 10 rankings. "Know thy competition" is an old paraphrase from Sun Tzu, a master Chinese warrior who is often quoted in modern business books. Unless you know who your competitors are and what techniques they are using to achieve top 10 rankings, you have not performed full-blown keyword research and analysis. Good research will give you a head start on them.
  3. Cooperation

    Keyword research is always done in conjunction with our clients. Who can know your business better than you? We ask our clients for their list of keywords first and then we perform our own sovereign keyword research and discuss our findings with them. Most of the time, the outcome is that our clients choose some of keywords they have chosen plus many from our research.
  4. Analyzing Server Logs

    After your website pages have been indexed by some search engines and traffic starts to come in, you can check the server logs using statistical software to determine which keywords are bringing in the maximum traffic. This software can also measure the website's conversion rate. Analyzing the server logs is the best way to determine the success of the optimization and research efforts.

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