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Press Release Distribution Services: Target Your News

SEO press releases are newsworthy press releases just like a normal press release. The variation when you submit SEO press releases, is that the text of the content is optimized in several ways to help you achieve greater visibility on several search engines. If your company is submitting press releases anyway, it makes sense to submit SEO press releases to enhance your online visibility!

SEO press releases are NOT a way or a reason to publish spam. When you submit SEO press releases to online PR News it is reviewed by a human to ensure that it has a relevant, newsworthy angle, and is not spam.

News Distribution by Geography, Industry, or Specialty Market

When it comes to distributing your news, we've made it easy for you to target your releases by geography, industry, or specialty market. We've also introduced the Social Media 2.0 press release and have continued to offer optimized press releases through our search engine optimization (SEO) services.

Target your releases by:

What's more, Numero Uno has established the industry's leading standards on information security, to ensure that we always provide the most accurate and timely news and information. The media have trusted us to bring them the right news – your news – exactly when they want it and exactly as they want to see it.

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